Publications by Alastair Hay

Occupancy certificates and leases DOCX 0,14Mb DOWNLOAD
Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Award PDF 0,13Mb DOWNLOAD
Referral To Court Or Counsel For An Opinion In Arbitration Proceedings PDF 0,19Mb DOWNLOAD
Cession of Right to Payment PDF 0,09Mb DOWNLOAD
Can The State Invoke A Defence Of “No Budget No Pay”? PDF 0,05Mb DOWNLOAD
Is a Final Payment Certificate Required for Final Payment? PDF 0,11Mb DOWNLOAD
Builders' Lien and Security PDF 0,09Mb DOWNLOAD
Perseverence Pays or Pay for Perseverance? PDF 0,10Mb DOWNLOAD
A Taxing Problem in Procurement PDF 0,10Mb DOWNLOAD
Arbitration Folly PDF 0,11Mb DOWNLOAD
Ambit of Arbitrator's Jurisdiction PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
The Corporate Leniency Policy: Is it Legal? PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
Sectional Title Arbitrations PDF 0,06Mb DOWNLOAD
Take care when calling up a Construction Guarantee PDF 0,19Mb DOWNLOAD
More on Tenders PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
Can an Arbitrator make an Award by Consent PDF 0,03Mb DOWNLOAD
Contractor Cancels JBCC Contract PDF 0,06Mb DOWNLOAD
Construction Guarantor Escapes PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
Professional Services Agreement - No Price No Pay? PDF 0,06Mb DOWNLOAD
The Main Contractor is Liquidated: Can the Employer Cancel? PDF 0,06Mb DOWNLOAD
Engineers Beware PDF 0,06Mb DOWNLOAD
Damage to Hired Plant PDF 0,04Mb DOWNLOAD
Scope of Builder's Lien PDF 0,21Mb DOWNLOAD
Builder Reserves Ownership PDF 0,22Mb DOWNLOAD
Altering a Tender PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
Unregistered Home Builders : No right to Payments PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD
Setting Aside Tender Awards: A Sequel PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD
Damages for wrongful Tender Award : Completing Unfinished Works : Expert Costs PDF 0,01Mb DOWNLOAD
Substituting Security for a Lien PDF 0,01Mb DOWNLOAD
Setting Aside a Tender Award PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD
"Pay when paid" clauses PDF 0,01Mb DOWNLOAD
Removal of an Arbitrator PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD

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