Publications in Natural Resources and Energy

Mining Charter III PDF 0,11Mb DOWNLOAD
Expropriation without Compensation PDF 0,16Mb DOWNLOAD
Expropriation without Compensation Presentation PDF 0,15Mb DOWNLOAD
2017 Mining Charter PDF 0,14Mb DOWNLOAD
State of the Nation 2017 : the legislative landscape for the year ahead PDF 0,13Mb DOWNLOAD
Land Reform - Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land or is it a form of Expropriation? PDF 0,14Mb DOWNLOAD
Amendment to Mineral Legislation 2013 PDF 0,19Mb DOWNLOAD
Land Reform - Significant Developments PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
A move towards Renewable Energy PDF 0,16Mb DOWNLOAD
Green Paper on Land Reform PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
New Law Protecting Farm Workers and Farm Occupiers PDF 0,14Mb DOWNLOAD

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