Publications in Property Services

State of the Nation 2017 : the legislative landscape for the year ahead PDF 0,13Mb DOWNLOAD
Vat, Transfer Duty and Fixed Property - March 2015 PDF 0,04Mb DOWNLOAD
Seller's Rights to Claim Interest for Delays in Transfers PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
Is Arbitration Compulsory in Sectional Title Disputes PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
Are Buyers liabile for Historical Rates and Utilities PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
Voetstoots Clauses PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
Loss of Documents in the Master's Office DOCX 0,22Mb DOWNLOAD
Registration as a Vat Vendor DOCX 0,22Mb DOWNLOAD
Electric Fence System Certificates of Compliance PDF 0,12Mb DOWNLOAD
The Renewal of Leases and Ubuntu PDF 0,13Mb DOWNLOAD
Pest Control Certificates PDF 0,01Mb DOWNLOAD
Land Buying Blues Aug 2009 PDF 0,04Mb DOWNLOAD
KwaZulu-Natal Planning and Development Act Mar 2009 PDF 0,07Mb DOWNLOAD
Landlord’s Right to Sue a Tenant Jan 2009 PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD
Nomination of a Conveyancer PDF 0,03Mb DOWNLOAD
Property transactions involving a Trust or a Company Apr 2006 PDF 0,02Mb DOWNLOAD

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