Every attorney must  have  completed a 2 year articles' period  before being  admitted as an attorney in the High Court.  Many firms o  er Candidate Attorney Programmes (CA Programmes) to graduates, however since  this is a formative  period  for any budding attorney and  is the springboard to building a legal career, choosing a law firm for the purposes of participation in a CA Programme is a decision that  must  be taken  very seriously. At Cox Yeats we offer an unrivalled CA Programme, where  the Candidate Attorney is exposed to exciting  work, interacts with top tier clients  and  develops into a capable attorney.


At Cox Yeats, Candidate Attorneys are hired and placed into teams based on an indicated preference by the individual or based on where it is believed they will most  likely excel. While Candidate Attorneys are, within their teams, exposed to various  areas of legal practice, the policy at Cox Yeats  is not to rotate Candidate Attorneys through the different teams. The aim is to foster deep specialisation within the major commercial practice areas at Cox Yeats.

While Candidate Attorneys at Cox Yeats  are mentored by all of the senior  practitioners within their respective teams, they will be assigned to a senior  person within the team  who will be responsible for the development of the Candidate Attorney for the duration of the CA Programme.

Cox Yeats encourages its Candidate Attorneys to think "out of the box" in order  to formulate innovative, effective  and  personal solutions for the client of the firm.


Great store is placed on the development and training of Candidate Attorneys, and  all young professionals, at Cox Yeats. Candidate Attorneys are exposed to regular  in-house training sessions with a view to accelerating individual growth  and raising expertise.

The combination of working with leading  legal specialists, specialisation, exposure to high quality legal matters and  top tier clients, dedicated training and  mentoring creates a culture  where  a Candidate Attorney will have the best possible chance of becoming a skilled attorney by the end  of the CA Programme.

The Cox Yeats  CA Programme fully prepares Candidate Attorneys for the legal world.


The unrivalled progression we aspire to o  er our Candidate Attorneys, however, is only achieved when  a Candidate Attorney fully commits himself I herself  to the CA Programme. Candidate Attorneys at Cox Yeats  are expected to put in
the "hard  yards" and  to continuously push the boundaries in terms of "out of the box" and innovative  thinking. Of utmost importance is that a Candidate Attorney buys  in to the Cox Yeats  culture  where  integrity and  honesty are of paramount importance.


  • Commercial & Natural Resources
  • Construction, Engineering & Infrastructure Law
  • Property Services & Conveyancing
  • Maritime Law, International Trade & Insurance
  • Labour  Law
  • Insolvency & Recovery of Assets