Natural Resources and Energy

Cox Yeats are specialists in all areas of natural resources and in the energy sector, particularly the renewable energy sector. Cox Yeats offers the mining industry a diverse caliber of lawyers with strong industry experience throughout the natural resource sector and its attorneys are seasoned experts and are well-versed in representing clients in the sugar, crop farming and timber industries. Cox Yeats provides counsel on:

  • Structuring of mining companies so as to comply with the mining charter
  • Transfer and conversion of mining rights
  • Application for prospecting and mining rights
  • Grant of surface rights
  • Radiation
  • Acquisition and protection of water rights
  • Community claims to mineral rights and restitution
  • The structure of the sugar, timber and crop farming industries
  • Legal requirements for dams and irrigation schemes
  • Licensing of genetic material
  • Sale and purchase of crops and livestock
  • Land claims and land tenure

For more information contact: Michael Jackson, Robin Westley, Simon Watson, Helen Jackson, Jason Goodison, Jenna Padoa and Wade Ogilvie