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Ready for the future

The largest law firm based only in KwaZulu-Natal, comprising one of the largest commercial teams of any legal firm in the province, remain faithful to their two core principles: integrity and individual care for clients. Managing Partner Michael Jackson says these principles have continued to shape the firm throughout the years – and coupled with a young and energetic team of attorneys, resulted in significant growth and the creation of an exciting story.

Cox Yeats’ signature strategy is to place professionals into specialised teams concentrating on particular fields, who then connect directly with their clients. The teams also draw on other teams’ expertise, which creates attention to detail and vibrant “cross-pollination” that makes the firm a true life partner  for clients. Says Jackson, “I think the reason why we are successful is that we have some incredible people. We have nearly 50 professionals collectively working together to solve a problem. We achieve amazing things.”

More than five decades of legal excellence have shaped who Cox Yeats is as a firm, and as it looks to the future it’s only fitting that the next phase of the firm’s journey takes place in iconic new custom-built offices – located in Ncondo Chambers, a defining new landmark on the uMhlanga Ridge skyline. Partner Richard Hoal describes the architectural theme of the whole building, interior and exterior, as “mid-century modern” – a timeless blend of modern and tradition with internal skylights and wrap-around library, befitting the ethos of the firm and its lawyers. 

The last few years have brought much change to the legal and business profession while technology has made it necessary for lawyers to adapt in the way they practice. To remain relevant as a legal firm, Cox Yeats strive to be adaptable to change and continuously grow in expertise – focusing on ongoing training and development programmes, search and recruitment of top talent in the country, a mentorship programme and a performance culture in which each individual’s performance is measured against agreed benchmarks. Cox Yeats’ attorneys are made partners sooner than most law firms in order to give recognition to their roles and responsibilities within the firm. 

Contributing to the industry, Cox Yeats strive to understand their clients’ operations and the detail of the legal landscape in which they navigate, viewing client relationships as long-term commitments.With the goal of providing practical, efficient and cost effective solutions to legal challenges faced by businesses in order for them to prosper, the firm’s teams are at the forefront of analysing current and future legislation that could affect clients – providing them with expert related advice.

“We are very inspired and excited with this new chapter in our firm’s journey,” says Jackson. “We are committed to continuously growing in expertise and people, so that we remain in the best position to serve our clients.”